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Telemarketing to Colleges With the MarketingWorks Team

Telemarketing to colleges can be a delicate business. College professors and instructors tend to proactively seek out which materials they use for the classes they teach, so cold-calling them with a new product tends not to work. A more productive approach involves the sales professional making himself available as a resource – a resource the professor can come to with questions and concerns, and, when the time comes, place orders for textbooks and other materials.

That’s why at MarketingWorks, we approach telemarketing to colleges from a different perspective. There are no banks of faceless workers, no scripts, no mispronounced names. For us, telemarketing to colleges means developing relationships between sales professionals and the professors and department chairs who make major purchasing decisions.

Our telesales campaigns are tailored to meet the very specific needs of the education market. The research we routinely perform on that market helps our marketing professionals create relationships that get results.

The MarketingWorks team has developed and implemented telesales strategies for dozens of clients in the 13 years since its inception. Give us a call to see what we can do for you.

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