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MarketingWorks specializes in helping its clients grow in the educational market. We are a team of experienced education industry consultants with unsurpassed expertise in the following market segments:

All members of our team have personal knowledge and professional experience in at least one of these segments, so our knowledge is truly firsthand. We don’t have to guess at what your sales prospects think is important. We know.

We understand the unique needs of each of these market segments. PreK-12 educators are constrained by ever-changing state and federal legislation and are keenly aware that their buying decisions must be made with its requirements in mind. Post-secondary institutions are more cost-conscious than ever before and serve a wider range of students. Adult learning follows the fortunes of the economy, keeping the field in what seems like a perpetual state of flux. And libraries have product and service acquisition protocols all their own, which change from one library system to another. We stay on top of current events in every one of these areas, so you don’t have to.

These are just some of the education marketing services we offer:

Let us put our solid background and proven skills to work for you. You’ll be glad you chose MarketingWorks to be your education marketplace connection.

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