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Education Marketing

Developing Educational Marketing Strategies that Work

Organizations marketing to schools and other educational groups face a growing need to differentiate themselves from competitors. That can mean developing new product lines, but it can also mean simply refining their education marketing strategies to better meet the needs of the market. That’s where MarketingWorks, Inc. enters the picture. We work closely with companies to develop marketing plans that actually work.

The Market is Evolving

The very foundations of education have been rocked in recent years, which means institutions are now required to take new, updated approaches to providing learning opportunities for students. Which in turn means that the marketing strategies that worked in the past may well not be sufficient to attract the interest of modern institutions. Our team of experts conducts the types of research necessary to fully grasp where the market is today and where it’s likely to go in the future. Our clients understand the dynamics of education are rapidly changing, but often require help in defining how they can take advantage of those changes.

Finding that All-Important Niche

To succeed in today’s highly competitive and evolving educational marketplace, companies must either redefine how their current products can meet those new needs or revise their product offerings to provide educational institutions with solutions to meet their problems. That simply means product development must be stepped up now and revised as needed in the future to stay abreast of the constantly changing educational demands. We can assist organizations as they strive to identify their target market and define (or redefine) their product offerings.

All Educational Institutions Do Not Share the Same Needs

Since different levels of education have unique needs, it’s vital to focus on the market segment that can best utilize a company’s specific types of products and services. At MarketingWorks, we’ve designed methodologies to assist our clients with finding that unique market segment that best benefits from a particular product or group of products.

To take advantage of the educational changes occurring now and in years to come, it simply makes sense for every marketer to do their homework before deciding on a marketing plan. We’re here to help with that journey.

Stay on Top of Marketing Evolutions Too!

Another aspect of marketing to any type of client, but especially educational organizations, is taking advantage of technology. Every K-12 school, as well as colleges and universities, are now highly dependent on technology. That means to successfully market to those organizations, companies must take advantage of the technology those institutions are currently using. Although traditional marketing strategies are still effective, today’s educators may be better reached through the use of social networks and other online platforms. Establishing a social media presence is now a requirement when targeting the education market. Facebook, Linkedin, and a variety of other social network sites specific to education (like EdWeb and WeAreTeachers) are now routinely visited by educators, which means those educators can be reached and influenced when a company takes advantage of those opportunities. Like every other aspect of marketing, however, there are right and wrong ways to use social media. We’re here to assist clients in determining the best ways to utilize social media and other platforms.

Getting Started

MarketingWorks Inc. has been heavily involved in educational marketing for over two decades, and our team of experts has the knowledge and experience to assist our clients as they establish and meet their marketing goals. To get started, visit our case studies page to get a better idea of how we’ve helped past clients. If you’ve got more questions or are ready to start defining your future, give us a call today.

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