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It’s one thing for us to tell you about our commitment to excellence. But we think you’ll be more convinced hearing directly from our satisfied clients. We’re gratified to share the following sample of the positive feedback we’ve received over the years:

“The services I’ve received from MarketingWorks on business consulting and planning are simply the best I’ve ever encountered. That’s why I keep going back to them. They’re to the point, they make sense, and I understand how to operationalize the suggestions. For me, they’re the model consultants.”

Paul Ramsey
Vice President of School and College Services,
Educational Testing Service

“MarketingWorks has dramatically extended the power and reach of The Atlantic ‘s education program. Their effective direct mail pieces work with their skilled telephone representatives to generate orders from a large number of schools across the country. Fulfillment, billing and record keeping are handled smoothly behind the scenes, allowing management to concentrate on strategy and new markets.”

Adam Cohen
Circulation Director,
The Atlantic Monthly

“The 2001 Framework for Teaching Conference was the best ever, largely due to the efforts of MarketingWorks. They were exceedingly well-organized, pulling together a huge number of details on very short notice. The result was a conference that ran smoothly, presenting a professional (but also personal) face to those attending. I am a nervous client, primarily because educators associate the framework for teaching with me, and I was concerned that glitches in the conference would reflect poorly on both me and ETS.”

As a result of MarketingWorks’ fine work, I was able to relax both prior to and at the conference itself, being free to join in the professional conversations that occurred. Thanks again for a job very well done!”

Charlotte Danielson
Lead Developer, Teaching and Learning Division
Educational Testing Service

“MarketingWorks is such an exciting group! The Ball Foundation has done projects over the past few years and been pleased with the results. Even more impressive is the commitment to customer service and personalization they have maintained through a period of rapid growth.”

Peg Hendershot
Director of Career Initiatives Division,
The Ball Foundation

“MarketingWorks has provided the US News and Fast Company Education Programs with excellent customer service and sales support for the past two years. The strong relationships they have built with our customers and the strategic insights they’ve provided have been instrumental in helping our programs grow.”

Peter Glovin
Manager, Education Marketing
US News and Fast Company Education Programs

“I came to MarketingWorks with an idea for a new business. After several weeks of research, they concluded that the product looked very promising and gave me ideas for improvement. I went ahead with the project and now, (12 months after launch) the SchoolCash online fundraising program is being utilized by 10,000 schools nationwide!

MarketingWorks truly understands the educational market and backs up that capacity with excellent project management skills and an incredibly dedicated customer service team.”

David Greene
Co-founder of SchoolCash and TeacherPoints
Senior VP, Family Education Network

“MarketingWorks has the experience to handle the most complex direct marketing initiatives for our aggressive marketing strategy. We were very pleased with their ability to execute under multiple constraints – including the most pressing: a deadline. The awareness and energy created by their marketing piece increased our sales dramatically.”

Jessica Lindl
Director of Marketing,

“As president of a consulting organization, I know all too well how important it is for education marketplace clients to receive knowledgeable, timely assistance from people who know the market, people who they can trust, and people who are enjoyable to work with. That’s a perfect description of MarketingWorks! I have had the pleasure of working with them on positioning and telesales projects for the EdNET conference, sponsored by The Heller Reports, and have frequently recommended them to other clients. The MarketingWorks team is creative, they know how to listen, and they know how to deliver results.”

Vicki Smith Bigham
Bigham Technology Solutions, Inc

“The work required an organization that had deep industry knowledge and connections, the ability to “read between-the-lines,” and the sensitivity to navigate through the competing priorities within our company. MarketingWorks created and executed a dynamic work plan that enabled us to obtain new, more robust information at a very reasonable cost and in the required timeframe. When it became clear that the investigation might need to change focus, MarketingWorks was quick to propose new directions they believed the project should take as well as a plan for accomplishing them. In the end, MarketingWorks provided us with the deliverables necessary to help our management team make crucial decisions regarding an important segment of our market.”

Bill Wilkinson
Director of Research
Rigby & Steck-Vaughn

“We wanted to confirm that our target audience was the best fit for our products as well as explore opportunities in other market segments. MarketingWorks developed and implemented surveys to three potential targets. We then requested a positioning statement and marketing message for the segment that presented the best opportunity for us. The research project helped our company focus on the best market opportunity, present a consistent message to our target audience, and consolidate our marketing efforts. We are already seeing the benefits of this refocus with increased brand awareness and recognition in the marketplace.

We were very pleased with MarketingWorks’ professionalism and the high quality of their deliverables; I hope to work with then again. I would recommend Gerry Bogatz and her team to other education technology companies who have research needs.”

Donna Trivett
Director of Marketing

“We turned to MarketingWorks to help us gain some perspective on our current business situation. After performing a variety of research projects, MarketingWorks offered us an in depth look at industry trends and how we should best adjust our practices to be more successful in the future. The whole project was very valuable and beneficial to us because it put our situation into perspective and illustrated to us what our future strategic focus needed to be.”

Carol Ash
Director of Marketing
University of Nebraska – Lincoln

“The work done by the KnowledgeQuest division of MarketingWorks was thorough and thoughtful, and we are very pleased. Executed less skillfully, their report could have been full of generalizations, which wouldn’t have been very helpful. But the KnowledgeQuest staff did a terrific job of identifying people who know the education market and pressing and probing them for specifics. The result – a clearly written report that captures the inconsistencies and nuances of the market – is everything we hoped for.”

Barbara Johnson
Rowland Reading Foundation

“Your organization offers an amazing wealth of knowledge, talent and business savvy. It is no wonder that you have grown so fast and assumed a natural leadership role in the industry. You guys are good…..”

Charlene Gaynor
Executive Director
The Association of Educational Publishers

“. . .it is really exciting that brand awareness is beginning to emerge for Authentik in the North East United States – also Authentik has received several endorsements from key contacts at AP Spanish resulting in our intermediate and advanced level Spanish magazines being recommended for the new AP exam in 2007.”

Brid Healy
Sales and Marketing Manager
Dublin, Ireland

“I wanted you to know some of the reasons we chose MarketingWorks, Inc. for this project. Your company offers a combination of research personnel, school market knowledge, and emphasis on strategic consulting. The last part of that equation was most important in setting you apart from the others we considered.”

Dan Woodlief
Marketing Analysis Manager
Carolina Biological Supply Co

“The research from MarketingWorks has helped us create an exciting vision for where we can take this division of Carolina Biological. It’s helped us identify the most significant needs and key characteristics of our new products.”

Jim Parrish
Carolina Biological Supply Co

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