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Education Business Development

Marketing can be the determining factor in your company’s success. Effective marketing – and, consequently, effective education business development – is a commitment. Not just during a company startup or product launch, but as an ongoing part of how a business is run, day in and day out. When your business is about education, there’s no better partner in building your success than MarketingWorks.

When you’re in the education business, the development of your company depends on quality business research and marketing. KnowledgeQuest – MarketingWorks’ education market research division – has been helping educational content firms expand their markets for over a decade..

Whatever kind of market research you require, MarketingWorks’ researchers can provide it – Our administrators and researchers have decades of collected experience in the twin fields of marketing and education. Business development for your company is as important to you as it is to us – that’s why our research is completely empirical, meeting the Department of Education’s “Gold Standard” of efficacy testing for federal and state requirements.

We also offer “quasi-experimental’ studies for products that require less rigorous standards of efficacy. We can bolster product credibility with White Papers delineating research bases of products. We conduct “best practices” studies that can serve as a sound basis for recommendations to decision-makers. We know that education business development depends on being well-versed in how your products and services will interact with the market, so we plan accordingly.

Funding cycles for public and private education can be unpredictable, and education business development means knowing what kind of money is available to your clients – and when they can spend it. We identify and connect our clients with educational funding sources and planned initiatives for enhancing existing products and developing new ones. Our expertise can help you find the funding you need, but it can also help you know when your clients are ready to buy.

As leading education industry consultants, we provide market consultation services along with a wide range of product marketing services. Whether your interest is in education marketing to schools and districts, library marketing to public and school libraries, or higher education marketing to colleges and universities, we can provide marketing services that are vital to success. We’ve built a powerhouse of experienced talent across a broad range of disciplines, which allows us to offer you the highest quality Strategy in education business development.

If you’re interested in what MarketingWorks can do for you, contact us.

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