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Education market research. It’s not just what we do at MarketingWorks. It’s what we do best

When MarketingWorks education market research professionals were asked by a major educational publishing company to find out if two small new acquisitions could thrive in a larger market, they tackled the challenge first by making a detailed analysis of that market. Their goal was to provide a study that could fortell the future – by using educational market research skills honed to a razor’s edge by years of experience, we were able to identify all possible opportunities and potential pitfalls the publisher would encounter in bringing two new magazines to a national market.

It’s what we do for every education market research project we’re assigned. Our entire organization is one massive resource for your educational marketing needs – from our founder (with her 20 years of educational consulting and industry marketing research experience) to our many research associates.

Our long track record of success and experience in the school market has made us the “go-to” company for clients whose products and services must meet or exceed the requirements of “No Child Left Behind” legislation. We are recognized and proven as an objective third party that has been performing scientifically based education market research since the federal legislation took effect.

Our clients benefit from our experience in many ways:

That goes for both general research and scientifically based education market research. Our collected experience is broad, so we’ve seen all the mistakes, and know how to avoid making them. In the end, it saves our clients time and money.

It meets the US Department of Education’s “Gold Standard” of efficacy testing for federal and state requirements.

You don’t need a 747 to make a quick run to the corner store. We offer less intense studies for products that require less rigorous standards of efficacy.

In the course of our education market research, we produce White Papers delineating research bases of products.

These serve as a sound basis for recommendations to decision-makers.

We identify – and connect with – educational funding sources, as well as initiatives for enhancing existing products and developing new ones. Our expertise can help you find the funding you need.

Convinced? Visit our client list to see the luminaries we’ve worked with, or read more about our history . Then, give us a call .

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