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Embark On Your Own Personal Knowledge Quest!

At MarketingWorks, we have a dedicated market intelligence team with years of experience. We call it our KnowledgeQuest team — and we don’t call it that for nothing.

You’d never think about rushing a product to market without taking the proper steps to make sure that it’s been properly developed and will fill the right niche in the marketplace. That’s why we think of success in the marketplace as your final destination. And the quest for success is a knowledge quest — a quest to ensure that your team knows the answer to any question that might come up, whether it’s about your product or the market niche it’s meant to fill. That’s where our marketing experts come in.

And before you embark on your knowledge quest, you’ll have to make yourself familiar with each leg of the trip:

The first step of your knowledge quest is developing a plan. The experts at MarketingWorks can help you develop a strategic plan before you even begin your project. We’ll provide direction for your management team and assistance at every level of the planning process.

Step two is knowing the landscape before you. Who will you be marketing your new product to? Primary and high schools? Colleges and universities? Teachers? Administrators? Librarians? The KnowledgeQuest team has decades of collective experience in marketing to all of these groups, and can help your team learn the lay of the land before embarking on your journey.

Step three is learning more about your specific market. Marketing to teachers and school administrators is what we do — and we’ve learned all the constants and vicissitudes of the education marketplace. But different states and school districts have their own idiosyncrasies, and we can help you perform the market research and analysis in the specific locations you’re hoping to target.

Step four is bringing your new product or service to market. Once your firm is ready to launch its new product, you’ll need to develop a sales strategy to get it into the hands of users. We can help with that. We’ll assist your sales team in developing a telemarketing plan, growing their rolodexes, and increasing their conversions.

The final step is success in the education marketplace. When you’re ready –really ready — to start your firm on the path to success, call the experts at MarketingWorks. We know the realities of the education and higher education marketplaces, and we can be your guide on that path.

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