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Five Great Education Marketing Resources On The Web

Education market research , like all market research, is a field whose data is constantly in flux. A research report that’s true today might be woefully out-of-date tomorrow, and information that seemed reliable last year might yield errors in the time that’s passed since it was published.

That’s why the Internet is such an excellent tool for market researchers. With constantly updating information, the Web is the ideal go-to spot for finding a wide variety of market research materials, including studies and samples, raw data and analysis. Here are just a few of the tools available on the Web for the education market research professional. . This site compiles a variety of market research reports on a broad spectrum of topics — so if you’re doing more than just education market research , this may be a great overall resource for you. With links to abstracts on special education, preschool and k-12, general education and more, this is one of the most comprehensive portals on the Web.

Market Research Portal . Packed with information useful to an extensive scope of experience levels, Market Research Portal offers simple statistics, qualitative and quantitative research methods, sampling and samples. It also offers links to several other Web resources. The Market Research Portal doesn’t focus on education market research, but the lessons it offers are applicable to nearly any specialization.

Market Research Reports . Basically a listing of purchasable market research data packets and analyses, this site compiles information from periodicals and research institutions all over the world.

ResearchInfo . Looking for computer applications to help you compile, analyze and collate education market research data? This site offers demos, freeware and shareware for market research professionals.

MarketingWorks . Full disclosure: The article you’re reading right now is a MarketingWorks article. But browse our site and you’ll agree: Not only is MarketingWorks one of the greatest sources of primary and secondary education market research you’ll find, we’re also fully stocked with a series of informative articles on a variety of topics under the education market research umbrella. We’re a full-service education marketing, market research, and sales firm, specializing in the pre-k-12, higher education, adult learning, library, and corporate markets.

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