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Knowledge Quest Research Services

The Research department of MarketingWorks is part of our Knowledge Quest Division. Whether it’s education market research, scientifically based research, or research for education business development, we deliver to our clients what we refer to as “The KQ Advantage.” This is the extra edge you gain in education marketing by having us perform as your research department. Our advantage comes not only from what we do, but also from how we do it.

The quality—and usefulness—of data are a direct result of the quality—and experience—of the researchers who develop the data. Led by Dr. Saundra Young, the Knowledge Quest team of professional researchers is second to none. Dr. Young’s consultative philosophy guides everything we do on behalf of our clients:

“It’s important to see research as a path of inquiry that researchers and clients enter into together. We want the information we provide to be useful.”

“We share our process with clients to allow them to understand how conclusions were reached, and how our suggestions were developed.”

And that perspective is valued by our clients. “It’s not just about results,” says Dr. Young. “It’s about staying in touch with the client to help make decisions.”

We listen to what you have to say, we understand the questions you have, and we find the information that can provide answers.

In addition to developing and administering surveys of all kinds, we bring years of experience to every task we undertake.

Our Knowledge Quest team combines decades of practical education market experience with market intelligence from our far-reaching network of industry connections, to help you with

We’re not just individual school market consultants with limited expertise. We are a seasoned team, intimately acquainted with the complex interconnectedness of all facets of the industry. We understand the idiosyncrasies of the education market’s decision-making structure. We help you successfully navigate these realities to make your company stronger.

Our Knowledge Quest team is uniquely positioned to help your firm respond profitably to the findings of our sound market research. We’re not just analysts, so our consulting advice isn’t a bunch of abstract theories. We’ve run education businesses, made the mistakes, and can save you from making bad decisions. We’re experts in

with decades of extensive managerial experience in the education field.

A single conversation with one of our experts can be worth more than a few days of actual consulting from generalists. Our recommendations are scrutinized for quality and accuracy, vetted by those who have made similar decisions before. Whatever your unique challenges, you can be sure our Knowledge Quest business consultants will bring “the KQ advantage” to your company’s search for solutions.

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