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At MarketingWorks, we believe an informed client is the best kind of client. The more you know about what we do, the more you’ll appreciate how well we do it. We pride ourselves on keeping you up to date with the latest developments on your projects. In the interest of helping you stay informed even before we begin working together, we provide the following resources for your enlightenment about the marketing process, specifically in the education field. Check back often to see what new tools we’ve added.*

White Papers

The following white papers were written by MarketingWorks President Gerry Bogatz on Best Practices in marketing to the education field. Feel free to download these PDF files for future reference.

Think you know all there is to know about telemarketing? Think again. In the uniquely personal education field, it’s all about selling products and services by building relationships. In her “Relationship Building Through Telesales” white paper, Gerry shares her consultative approach to telesales, one of the secrets that have made MarketingWorks an industry powerhouse in the education market.

Relationship Building Through Telesales (PDF, 110k)

As the education market matures, companies seeking to sell to ever more savvy product and service buyers are taking a cue from retailers in prioritizing Customer Relationship Management. In her “Product-centric to Customer-centric: Why CRM is the Business Strategy for School-Market Success” white paper, Gerry reveals the CRM strategies her company has initiated to help its clients gain market share and engender customer loyalty.

Product-centric to Customer-centric: Why CRM is the Business Strategy for School-Market Success (PDF, 149k)

Selling to the school market isn’t what it once was. No longer the province of general marketers selling to naïve buyers, the education industry has burgeoned into a tough sales environment limited by ever-tightening budgets and increasing regulation. In her “Edu-marketing: A Full-service Approach to School Marketing” white paper, Gerry reveals her stance on proactive market consulting that her company has used for ten years to help its clients pursue strong positioning in the education market.

Edu-marketing: A Full-service Approach to School Marketing (PDF, 141k)

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