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Marketing To Teachers: How To Deal With Savvy Consumers

Did you know that teachers are one of the most sought-after demographics by advertisers and marketers? While a quick look at the ads on television and billboards may lead you to think that most companies only care about 18-to-34-year-old males, teachers are in fact some of the most desired customers. Thus, Marketing to teachers has become a cottage industry in itself.

But before one begins marketing to teachers, one must learn about teachers. Here are a few vital facts to keep in mind when you start your campaign.

Teachers appreciate the Arts

When you’re marketing to teachers, you’re marketing to a group with a statistically verified interest in movies, live theater, museums, concerts and other such events. Keep this in mind when thinking about things like ad design, copywriting and overall approach.

Teachers appreciate quality and function over style

Teachers are busy folks with little time for high fashion. But they’re willing to pay premium prices if they feel they’re getting a product that’ll serve them well and last a long time. Things like clothes, shoes, handbags and accessories needn’t be avant-garde, but they should be able to take a beating. Part of marketing to teachers is convincing them they’re getting a good cost-to-benefit ratio.

Teachers respond to a good deal

Teachers aren’t impulse shoppers, but they are willing to try something new if they think they’re getting a good deal. Coupons and special enticement offers are a good method of marketing to teachers.

Teachers read

A literate bunch, teachers are more likely than non-teachers to books, periodicals, newspapers, and informative Web sites. Not only is it a good idea to start marketing to teachers through these media, it’s also a good idea to assume they’re a savvy bunch who’ll be sure to investigate any claims you make.

Teachers use the Internet

This means that any product you market is going to be researched thoroughly, so make sure it’s up to snuff before you begin your campaign. But it also means that teachers are likely to give positive reviews on websites — if such an avenue for doing so is made available to them. Don’t be afraid to give your consumers the opportunity to say some kind (and constructively critical) words about your products on your website. Marketing to teachers can be a two-way street — give them something to love, and they’ll respond in kind.

Marketing to teachers isn’t hard, but it should be a never-ending effort. With a little research into this dynamic demographic, a successful campaign is certainly attainable.

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