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Scientifically Based Research Education

Success and experience in the school market has made us the “go-to” company for clients whose products and services must meet or exceed the requirements of “No Child Left Behind” legislation. We are a recognized and proven objective third party that has been performing Scientifically Based Research (SBR) since the federal legislation took effect. Our clients benefit from our experience because

We know the pitfalls of education research generally and scientifically based education in particular. We know how to avoid these pitfalls, so our clients save time and money.

Our research is completely empirical, meeting the Department of Education’s “Gold Standard” of efficacy testing for federal and state requirements.

We also offer “quasi-experimental’ studies for products that require less rigorous standards of efficacy.

Best Practices studies that can serve as a sound basis for recommendations to decision-makers. We develop guidelines to assist school leaders in assessing the scientific basis of programs and practices. Difficult decisions of selecting programs and practices will rely on the professional discretion and expertise of school leaders. This Digest describes the nature & implications of SBR.

Identify—and connect our clients with—educational funding sources and planned initiatives for enhancing existing products and developing new ones.

Knowledge Quest Research Services involves Primary and secondary market research, Scientifically based research, Qualitative and quantitative data analysis

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