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Telemarketing/Telesales to Schools

We’re proud to partner with Marketing Dimensions to provide telemarketing and telesales services to our clients.

Since 1993, Marketing Dimensions has implemented hundreds of telemarketing/telesales campaigns, new product launches, grant prospecting initiatives, and telephone market research surveys for companies targeting the PK-20 education market.

Marketing Dimensions has a unique approach to telemarketing to schools. For them, it’s a form of education marketing. Telemarketing to schools, libraries and colleges means developing relationships between sales professionals and the people at schools – be they teachers, administrators, principals or department chairs – who make major purchasing decisions. It only happens after an extensive bout of education market research. It’s education marketing done right.

Over the years, Marketing Dimensions has worked with core curriculum and supplemental publishers, online curriculum and assessment providers, religious educational publishers, interactive whiteboard manufacturers, software dealers, professional development groups, school security companies and more. Marketing Dimensions can assist your internal or external sales force to generate leads or be your sales team, from start to finish.

Marketing Dimensions telemarketing campaigns are tailored to meet the very specific needs of the education market. “We’re not just selling to anyone – we’re selling to schools. The research we routinely perform on that market helps our marketing professionals create relationships that get results. That’s how telemarketing to schools succeeds.”

100% of Marketing Dimensions’ business is focused on the education market serving curriculum providers and other types of businesses targeting schools. Educational representatives know your industry, and on average, have between 5 and 15 years of education-based sales, business, customer service and marketing experience. The telesales representatives act as an extension of your business and will professionally represent you and your company.

The company’s president, Cheryl Cira, has an advertising, direct marketing and educational sales background and was previously employed at Macmillan/McGraw-Hill. She works closely with each client to ensure that all telesales activities complement the company’s overall marketing plan in an effort to obtain the largest return on investment.

Below is a quick recap highlighting some of Marketing Dimensions’ work within the education market.

I. Lead Qualification
In an effort to increase a company’s overall customer base, Marketing Dimensions has been contracted to generate leads within targeted geographic or subject areas. Promotional calls have been made to announce bundled “deals” to boost end-of-quarter sales. Lead information can then be routed to the clients’ sales force, or followed up and closed by Marketing Dimensions.

II. “On Call” Sales Force

Marketing Dimensions has been used as a client’s “on call” sales force in situations where a client’s inside sales group may need extra support or backup during busy times. Clients also use services on a temporary basis when an existing sales rep becomes ill or quits suddenly or due to company realignments. Implementation is typically less than two weeks.

III. Telephone Follow Up

Marketing Dimensions provides telephone follow up on promotional material, webinar requests, online trials and more. They qualify requests for samples, upgrade programs to the newest edition, and follow up on leads from exhibits, email blasts, and website requests. After further qualifying decision makers, additional ordering information may be emailed, rep presentations set up or demos/pilots offered. A series of scheduled follow-up calls are placed contingent upon interest level/final decision dates. Webinars may also be scheduled to assist in closing sales. Marketing Dimensions partners with curriculum providers to service uncovered territories or targeted accounts for the entire school year – to generate leads, follow up, and close sales.

IV. Prospecting for Grant Monies

In any business, being at the right place at the right time is half the battle. Telesales campaigns have been used to schedule professional development workshops, state caravan meetings and online webinar demonstrations. Verifying correct contact information is essential when prospecting for grant monies as many sites do not have a formal “grant coordinator”.

V. Market Research Support

Why was one company’s curriculum material chosen over another? What are your customers’ perceptions of the competition? What plans do school decision makers have regarding eBooks? What are the differences between how classroom teachers versus administrators use and interpret data from the state tests? Marketing Dimensions continues to assist clients with obtaining these details through telephone and online market research surveys to analyze won and lost adoptions and to support new product development.

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