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School Marketing with the MarketingWorks Team

Marketing to schools means more than just applying basic marketing skills and knowledge to the education industry. School marketing requires constantly examining and re-examining the dynamic landscape of a constantly-evolving industry. That landscape changed dramatically several years ago, when No Child Left Behind legislation made teachers and school administrators everywhere shift their priorities and rush to keep up. It’s sure to change again in the future. At MarketingWorks, our school marketing professionals have been examining the education market for decades – and we’ve got plenty of staffers with a wide range of experience.

Because we’ve got so much accumulated experience, we’ve developed a spectrum of specialties that’s unrivaled by our contemporaries.

School Marketing: Libraries

Have you developed a new database application for library use? We’ll figure out how to launch it not only in the public library market, but in college and university libraries.

School Marketing: Colleges and Universities

Do you publish a literary magazine you’d like to see in more college English classes? Have you recently acquired a new series of textbooks you feel would be useful to microbiology grad students? We’ve got enough school marketing professionals who know the higher education system to get your materials out there.

School Marketing: Primary and Secondary Education

Are you a professional development firm with a new conference series for high school teachers? We’ll not only market your product to educators, we’ll run the conference for you.

School Marketing: Teachers

Do you have a new product that would benefit teachers as they develop new science lesson plans? We can get lots of eyes on that product, from teachers to administrators to department chairs.

MarketingWorks and its education market research team, KnowledgeQuest, have been in the school marketing business for more than a dozen years – and the members of our management staff have been at it longer than that. Take a look at our client list to see who has found our services valuable in the past. Then give us a call.

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