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Education Marketing

MarketingWorks Inc. is a multifaceted education marketing firm with a broad range of specialties. Since 1994, we’ve been working to find our clients new and innovative ways to interact with key decision-makers in the field of k-12, secondary, and higher education. Marketing to teachers, schools, libraries, colleges and universities is what our 45 employees – along with our extensive roster of consultants – do best.

Our education marketing experts can attack your project in any of a number of ways, from market research and analysis to customer surveys to complete, ground-up design and implementation of new marketing plans.

To determine how popular two new products developed by a library database supplier would be among k-12 educators, Our education marketing professionals developed a series of telephone surveys, then implemented those surveys using trained interviewers. The results of the interviews were used to develop a new marketing and sales plan which succeeded in arousing interest in key market segments.

Our staff promoted and arranged a single professional development workshop which soon grew into a full series of workshops and support materials. Over the first four years of this project, our education marketing professionals increased the company’s annual revenues by more than 470 percent.

To find the market needs for an online course for high school and college students, we conducted extensive education market research via telephone interviews with educators. We also identified competing projects and organizations within the same market.

When a major educational publisher asked us to determine how two regional publications would fare on the national scene, we designed an educational marketing study to determine possible marketing opportunities. The publisher was able to identify the marketing possibilities and act accordingly.

MarketingWorks has been in the education marketing business for over a decade, and our marketing professionals have been working for at least that long.

Visit our case studies page to see the kind of work we do, or read about our extensive history or, if you’re already convinced, give us a cal .

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