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Marketing to Schools

Marketing to schools is the cornerstone of MarketingWorks’ corporate structure. We’ve got plenty of specialties under that heading – telemarketing to schools, libraries and colleges; higher education market research, selling to libraries and schools, scientifically based research education, creating press releases and running conferences… The list goes on. We’ve built an impressive reputation on marketing to schools, and we’ve used that reputation to garner an equally impressive client list .

How do we do it? Well, with a management team that has hundreds of years of collective experience in the education industry and various marketing fields, it’s not too hard. Our extensive staff of research associates makes the job even easier.

But that doesn’t mean we take your business lightly. We know that marketing to schools means being intimately familiar with an industrial landscape that’s always changing. We’re constantly learning everything there is to know about marketing to education professionals (and making our clients happy along the way).

We have many ways of attacking your marketing project, whether it involves extensive market research, communicating with your clients or creating a new customer relations template.

Marketing to schools is a second language to us. Convinced? Visit our “Contact Us” page to get more information on how MarketingWorks can help your business thrive.

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