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Telemarketing to Libraries With the MarketingWorks Team

Telemarketing to libraries may seem like a strange idea. The last thing a responsible librarian would respond to, it seems, would be a cold call offering an untested new product. That’s why at MarketingWorks, we approach telemarketing to libraries from a different perspective. There are no banks of faceless workers, no scripts, no mispronounced names. […]

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Telemarketing/Telesales to Schools

We’re proud to partner with Marketing Dimensions to provide telemarketing and telesales services to our clients. Since 1993, Marketing Dimensions has implemented hundreds of telemarketing/telesales campaigns, new product launches, grant prospecting initiatives, and telephone market research surveys for companies targeting the PK-20 education market. Marketing Dimensions has a unique approach to telemarketing to schools. For […]

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Telemarketing to Teachers With the MarketingWorks Team

The notion of telemarketing to teachers can be an intimidating one. Teachers are trained to be a little better than the rest of us at analyzing problems and choosing the best answer. Many teachers have years of experience in looking at things from an academic, empirical standpoint. And they’re good at dealing firmly with intractable […]

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Three Questions To Keep In Mind When Selling To Colleges

Anyone who makes a living selling to colleges knows they’re not dealing with just anyone. Selling to colleges means selling to a group of people who might be more savvy to traditional sales rhetoric than the usual person. It’s not like selling steak knives over the phone. Effectively selling to colleges means knowing the answers […]

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Five Common Education Market Research Errors to Avoid

Education market research is a skill that takes years of training and experience to master. An inexperienced or poorly trained researcher could fall victim to any of a variety of sloppy mistakes. When it’s time to hire a market research team, it’s important to know the pitfalls of the science; with that in mind, here […]

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Marketing Educational Services: Pinpointing the Problem

Many firms feel their sales teams can increase their overall success rate with market research. To be sure, knowing as much as possible about the playing field can certainly increase your chances of greater success in the marketplace. But too often, education services firms don’t know how market research can help them, because they don’t […]

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Education Market Research: When It’s Time to Analyze the Data

The final step in any education market research effort is analyzing the data you’ve collected. To your market research team, data is gold; they’ve worked for weeks, or even months, to determine what kind of data they’re looking for; how they’re going to get it; who they’re going to ask for it; and now, what […]

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Education Market Research: Designing Your Questions and Approaches

Once you’ve decided on what your sample group will look like, the next step in your education market research effort will be to determine what kinds of questions you’re going to ask them. If your sample group is truly representative of the larger group you’re profiling, the next opportunity for error in your project is […]

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Education Market Research: Getting Your Sample Group

Now that you’ve previous article on education market researchpinpointed the problem you want your education market research to solve, and begun planning the details of your project. One of your first steps will be to determine what your sample group is going to look like. Of course, the makeup of your sample group will need […]

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Education Market Research: You’ve Pinpointed the Problem – Now What?

As we outlined in our previous article on education market research, defining exactly what problems you’d like your market research initiative to address is an important first step in the process. Whether it’s a customer service issue, a sales question, or a matter of cost, you’ll first need to pinpoint the problem you’d like your […]

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